Starting September 14

starts at just 5,000 points per night, when hotels are less busy

just like today, starts at 7,500 points per night — it’s our most common rate

starts at 10,000 points per night, when hotels are busiest

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New award redemption chart

Point values are based on a standard room and may vary by length of stay and hotel category or tier. Point values might be higher at selected locations. Upgrades may be available for additional points. No Blackout Dates applies, although some brands may cap the number of standard rooms available for redemption on a limited number of days.

Marriott Vacation Club®, Marriott Grand Residence Club® and Vistana™ Signature Experiences resorts do not participate in No Blackout Dates.

Cardmember free night awards

You’ll continue to receive your annual Free Night Award from your Marriott Bonvoy™ Credit Card.
For bookings made once the new award chart goes into effect, new redemption rates may apply.

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Things to know

Stay for 5, Pay for 4.

Book a redemption stay with points for five consecutive nights and get the lowest-point night for free.

Redeem now

Redemption stay: Rest assured.

If you have an upcoming redemption stay, the Standard rate still applies. Once the new redemption rates go live on September 14, if you need to change your reservation, you'll receive the available redemption rate when you rebook.

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